Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our (First) Annual Christmas Letter

Oh what a big year in our house!! Let me tell you all about it! If you have no time for pics, let me assure you that my perfect, most handsome, award-sinning, brilliant boys outdid themselves in 2013. Enjoy!

traveling with lola; teddy assumes his rightful position:

snoozin through mama susan's birthday in brooklyn; a catskills hike with claire:

 catskills getaway; teddy tries brunette in brooklyn

my one small work affair, maia (the boys graciously forgave)

teddy's fashion forays included a shoot with supermodel karlie kloss (he succeeded in making HER look fat); then boldly into bridal and children's wear

 bussie got downright picky for his fave manny, tyler, and continued to serve as a cautionary tail in too much charm:

   all in, "double tubble" had another spectacular year!

 peace out, all! with as much busted love as you can handle