Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teddy's Re-Birthday!

six years ago today, teddy was rescued & fostered by stacy and mary.  the day i saw him, he was so scrawny and weak, it broke my heart.  one month later, he joined me and buster here on horatio street.  as he got his health and his hair, he swiftly became the stunning diva you know today.
he also become buster's boss.  (and sometimes mine)
happy rescue-birthday, teddy, i couldn't love you more! 

here are some things I am pretty sure he thinks:
  1. buster should grow up already 
  2. my feet are made of cheese (the good kind, from wisconsin)
  3. he was born to be excessively admired/adored
  4. "ommmmmmm"
  5. flat, cushioned surfaces are to be used to their fullest capacity exclusively by him
  6. tricks are done by idiots (unless there's food, then: "fine, whatever. lets get it over with.")
  7. butt-nibbling on other dogs is underrated and oddly unwelcome. so far...
  8. the least amount of energy should be expended for maximum gain (see above, #1 & #6)
  9. squirrels are the exception to #8: evil-doers who must be eradicated

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