Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Upstate BusTed Love

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Teddy has taken to hammocking quite naturally.
I said "release" and this popped out of a canine snout. Alive and well.
My view in, Buster's view out

Duck Blind

In-and-Out Buster
Buster & Claire, chillaxing after a ruff day...

Claire reminded me about the old blog.  Giving it another go!
To catch you up, boys and I  (with their aunts -- Claire and, coming soon, Brianna) have started hanging out in Stone Ridge, NY on the weekends.
 Pretty much heaven, including the stuff that reminds us to pay attention: poison Ivy, ticks, bears, fisher cats, bald-faced hornets, the original angry bird (above)...
Above shots to bring you up to speed!! 

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